Influence of Rhizobia and Mycorrhizae on nitrogen fixation and growth of peanuts in Thailand and the Philippines -- B. Mycorrhizae considerations


The goal of the project was to increase yield/unit area through manipulation of mycorrhizal fungi in peanut roots (which serve to increase the size and efficiency of the root system) and to bring into production acreages presently idle because of lack of sufficient water, high salts in the soils, or flooding conditions.


Producer values

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ruth Ann Taber, Mycorrhizae specialist, Texas A&M University


Dr. Robert E. Pettit, plant pathologist, Texas A&M University
Billy L. Jones, Shelby Newman, Texas A&M University
Kenneth E. Woodward, Texas A&M University
Dr. Gerald H. Elkan, microbiologist, North Carolina State University
Dr. Thomas Schneeweis, North Carolina State University

Thailand Collaborator

Dr. Omsub Nopamornbodi, microbiologist, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok

Thailand Cooperators

Dr. Arwooth Nalampang, agronomist, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok
Yenchai Vasuvat, microbiologist, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok
Dr. Nantakorn Boonkerd, microbiologist, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok:
Dr. Banyong Toomson, microbiologist, Khon Kaen University
Dr. Aran Patanothai, agronomistKhon Kaen University.

Philippine Collaborators

Dr. Lina Ilag, University of the Philippines, Los Banos
Dr. Erlinda Paterno, microbiologists, University of the Philippines, Los Banos

Philippine Cooperators

Dr. Ricardo Lantican, breeder, Institute of Plant Breeding
Dr. Edilberto Redona, breeders, Institute of Plant Breeding

Philippine Country Coordinator

Dr. Dely Gapasin, Director of Research, PCARRD