An interdisciplinary approach to optimum food utility of peanut in SAT Africa


The general goal of the project was to foster interdisciplinary (nutrition, food science, social and economic) institutional-based linkages between U.S. and LDC scientists serving major peanut producing and consuming populations of the Sahel region of Africa for the purpose of optimizing the food utility of peanut. The specific goals of the project were consistent with the general goal of the Peanut CRSP to develop collaborative research and development programs on peanut between social scientists and food scientists at Alabama A&M University and the Agricultural Research Corporation in the Sudan.


Processor values

Principal Investigator

Dr. Bharat Singh, and food scientist
Alabama A&M University


Dr. John C. Anderson, food scientist, Alabama A&M University
Dr. Virginia Caples, home economist, Alabama A&M University
Dr. H. Jones, economist, Alabama A&M University
Dr. R. Rao, nutritionist, Alabama A&M University
Dr. G.C. Wheelock, rural sociologist, Alabama A&M University

Sudan Country Coordinator

Dr. H.M. Ishag, national coordinator, groundnut research

Sudan Collaboration Team in Food Research Centre, Khartoum

Dr. B. Basir, deputy principal investigator
Dr. A.B. Amadi, plant breeder
Dr. S.M. Badi, cereal chemist
Dr. A.S. Khalid, microbiologist
Dr. B. I. Magboul, nutritionist
Dr. A.G. Tayeb, chemist
A.B. Zakari, rural economist
Dr. Asha El Karib, economist