Management of arthropods on peanut in Southeast Asia


The goal of NCS/IM was to provide information for the economical and environmentally sound management of insects and other arthropods on peanut and to enhance the current research that coincides and compliments the objectives of the Peanut CRSP.


Producer values

Principal Investigator

Dr. W.V. Campbell, entomologist
North Carolina State University


Dr. J.C. Wynne, plant breeder
North Carolina State University

Thailand Collaborators

Dr. Manochai Keerati-Kasikorn, entomologist, Khon Kaen University
Dr. Aran Patanothai plant breeder and cooperator, Khon Kaen University
Dr. Sathorn Sirisingh, entomologist and collaborator, Department of Agriculture
Dr. Pisit Sepsawardi, entomologist and cooperator, Department of Agriculture

Thailand Project Coordinator

Dr. Arwooth Nalampang, Department of Agriculture

Philippines Collaborators

Dr. Eliseo Cadapan, entomologist and collaborator, University of the Philippines at Los Banos
Dr. Fernando Sanchez, entomologist and cooperator, National Crop Protection Center
Dr. Candida Adalla, entomologist and cooperator, Institute of Plant Breeding

Philippine Country Coordinator

Dr. Dely Gapasin, director of research, PCARRD, Los Banos