Peanut utilization in food systems in developing countries


The major goal of this research project was to develop the means for greater utilization of peanut for food by  developing new foods or improving existing ones with peanut as an ingredient.


Processor values

Principal Investigator (1983-1984), then cooperator

Dr. Onuma Okezie, food scientist
Alabama A&M University

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. E.M. Ahmed
University of Florida

Cooperators at Alabama A&M University

Dr. Bharat Singh, food scientist and cooperator then principal investigator (1984-1985)
Dr. John C. Anderson, cooperator and food scientist
Dr. G.C. Wheelock, cooperator and economist
Dr. H.S. Jones, rural economist
Dr. Virginia Caples, home economist

Cooperators at the University of Florida

Dr. H.S. Sistren, nutritionist
Dr. R. Schmidt, food scientist
Dr. J.F. Gregory, food scientist
Dr. Chang I. Wei, food toxicologist

CARDI Co-Collaborators

Dr. Sam Parasram, executive director
Dr. St. Clair Forde, director of research and development, Trinidad, coordinator
Dr. Don Walmsley, agronomist, Trinidad
Horace Payne, agronomist, Jamaica
Dr. Laxman Singh, agronomist, Antigua
Dr. B. Rai, agronomist, Belize
Dr. Althea Townsend, food scientist, food technology Institute, Jamaica
Doreen Lewis, food scientist, food technology Institute, Jamaica
Frances Brown, food scientist, food technology Institute, Jamaica

University of the West Indies Co-Collaborator

Dr. George Sammy, food scientist, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad