Peanut viruses: etiology, epidemiology, and nature of resistance



Virus diseases, in epidemic proportion, are limiting factors in peanut production. The three most destructive viruses infecting peanut worldwide basis are peanut mottle virus (most research in U.S.), groundnut rosette (incidence and research confined to Africa), and bud necrosis (most prevalent in India with ICRISAT research focus).

In-depth research focused on groundnut rosette virus, some epidemiological and resistance studies on peanut mottle virus, and the identification of other viruses of peanut that occurred in Africa and the U.S. Therefore, the major goal of this project was to attain a better understanding of the casual agent of rosette and the disease, so that some methods of control can be developed, along with efforts to control the other present and later identified major viruses.


Producer values


Principal Investigator

Dr. James W. Demsk
University of Georgia


Dr. Cedric Kuhn
University of Georgia


Nigeria collaborators

Dr. Steve Misari, entomologist, Department of Crop Protection, Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru-Zaria
Okon Ansa, virologist, Institute for Agricultural Research, Samaru-Zaria,
Phindile Olorunju, plant breeder, Department of Crop Protection, Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru-Zaria

Other cooperators

Dr. D.V.R. Reddy ICRISAT/India, Dr. Rudolph Casper, Virus Institute, Braunschweig, West Germany, and Dr. Tony Murant, Scottish Crops Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland