Disease-Resistant Peanut Varieties for Semi-Arid Environments


The goals of this project were: 1) develop peanut lines adapted to important ecological areas of Sahelian West Africa and Texas that have resistance to pathogens causing economic loss, effectively utilize available moisture, and acceptable to growers and users of peanut products; 2) identify cultural practices that will maximize the yield potential of cultivars under these environments; 3) strengthen peanut improvement programs in the collaborating countries through encouragement, training, and improved expertise in peanut research.

Lead Scientist:

Dr. O.D. Smith
Texas A&M University


A.M. Schubert, Texas A&M University
C.E. Simpson, Texas A&M University
D.H. Smith, Texas A&M University
W.J. Grichar, Texas A&M University
Robert Pettit, Texas A&M University
Ruth Ann Taber, Texas A&M University

Senegal Collaborators:

J.C. Mortreuil
Ousmane Ndoye
Daniel Annerose
Jean Khalfoui

Burkina Faso Collaborator:

Philippe Sankara

Mali Collaborator:

Dielimoussa Soumano

Niger Collaborator:

Amadou Mounkaila