IPM Strategies for Peanut Insects in SAT Africa


The major goals for the research were: 1) identify the major arthropod pests of peanut in Burkina, Faso; 2) determine the economic significance of these arthropods on peanut yield; 3) develop IPM strategies and control measures to reduce losses to these pests; and 4) determine the relationship between injury to peanut pods by arthropods and the incidence of aflatoxin contamination.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Robert E. Lynch, entomologist
University of Georgia/USDA Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton.


Dr. Olin Smith, breeder, Texas A&M University
Dr. Bharat Singh, food scientist, Alabama A&M University

(In the 1993-94 project year, Dr. Lynch stepped down as principal investigator, because of other duties, and Dr. Keith Ingram, associate director of Peanut CRSP became interim principal investigator. The project was scheduled to close Sept 30, 1994 due to budget reductions by USAID. All work for the 1994 season was in Burkina Faso with no Georgia component.)

Burkina Faso Collaborators (University of Ouagadougou, IDR):

Dr. A.P. Ouedraogo, entomologist
Dr. Idrissa Dicko, entomologist

Burkina Faso Cooperators:

Dr. Philippe Sankara, plant pathologist, University of Ouagadougou
Dr. Alfred S. Traore, food scientist, University of Ouagadougou