Management of Arthropods on Peanut in Southeast Asia


The major goal of this project was the effective management of those arthropod pests that limit peanut production through an effective pest management program based on sound principles of IPM and sustainable agriculture.

Co-Principal Investigators:

Dr. R.L. Brandenburg,(following retirement of Dr. W.V. Campbell)
Dr. Mary Barbercheck, entomologists
North Carolina State University


Dr. Thomas Isleib, breeder, Department of Crop Science, North Carolina State University

Thailand collaborators:

Dr. Manochai Keerati-Kasikorn, entomologist, Khon Kaen University

Dr. Turnjit Satayavirut, entomologist, Department of Agriculture,Thailand

Philippine collaborators:

Dr. Virginia Ocampo, University of the Philippines, Los Banos

Dr. Eliseo Cadapan, entomologist, University of the Philippines, Los Banos