Postharvest handling systems for the small peanut producer


The goal of the project was to develop a global model for evaluating the acceptability and profitability of peanut postharvest system(s) for Caribbean countries, in particular, and developing countries in general, by developing and/or adapting technologies for the available economic and natural resources and by incorporating climate, socioeconomics and existing infrastructure for marketing and consumer acceptance factors.

Lead Scientist:

Dr. Manjeet Chinnan, food scientist
University of Georgia

CARDI Collaborators:

Dr. Brian Cooper, Antigua
A.K. Sinha, Belize
Dr. Joe Lindsay, Jamaica
Dr. Gordon Miller

Trinidad CARDI Cooperators:

B.O. Enriquez, BFAC, Belize
Urvan Wilson, Engineer, Jamaica
Dr. Charles Douglas, economist, Jamaica
Dr. Clement Sankat, Engineer, University of the West Indies, Trinidad