Breeding Peanut for Better Productivity and Quality


The goal of TAM 17P was to breed peanut for better productivity, disease resistance, and improved oil quality for West Africa with return benefits to Texas.


Progress has been made in evaluating reaction to foliar diseases, particularly early leaf spot, and identifying early maturing lines with improved agronomic traits. Considerable effort is being made to identify high oleic acid content of the oil that delays rancidity with increased shelf-life. Seed of newly identified varieties are being multiplied for deployment to farmers.


Production efficiency

Lead Scientist

Dr. Olin Smith
Texas A&M University

(The untimely death of the principal investigator, Dr. Olin Smith occurred in 1997, and he was replaced by Dr. Charles Simpson as interim)

Senegal Collaborator

Ousmane Ndoye, ISRA/CNRA, Bambey.

Burkina Faso Collaborators

Dr. Philippe Sankara, University of Ouagadougou
Bertin, Institut Nationale de Economiques et Recherche Agricole