InterCRSP Program Management


The goal of UGA 40M was to plan for InterCRSP program participation. In particular, the CRSP Council that provides interaction across all active CRSPs is working with the USAID/Africa Bureau to develop a West Africa InterCRSP Natural Resource Management project.


International Collaboration. The project supported publication of the Arachis International Newsletter biannually in cooperation with ICRISAT. Regional meetings for scientists were conducted in cooperation with ICRISAT in West Africa and India. Support for host country scientists to attend the American Peanut Research and Education Society meetings has provided access to information from the world’s leading peanut scientists and to present their own research outputs.


Training, information, and program support

Lead scientist

Dr. David G. Cummins
University of Georgia


Principal investigator of the Peanut CRSP project selected in the West Africa InterCRSP project led by the University of Hawaii