Long- and Short-Term Training for HC Scientists


The goal of UGA 38T was for the Peanut CRSP to have a more definite training plan to ensure the provision of long- and short-term training support that best fits host country needs and priorities.


Long- and Short-term Training for Host Country Scientists. The project has supported M.S. and Ph.D. students at Texas A&M University, University of Connecticut, North Carolina State University, University of Georgia, Auburn University, and in Ghana and Malawi. An Asian regional Workshop at ICRISAT/India was sponsored on aflatoxin detection methods. A Product Development Workshop was held at the University of Georgia in cooperation with North Carolina A&T University, where scientists of a number of countries attended. Scientists from Bolivia received training in pathology-breeding at the University of Florida. A Modeling-Cropping Systems Workshop was held in West Africa under the direction of the University of Florida.


Training, information, and program support

Lead scientist

Dr. David G. Cummins
University of Georgia




Multiple across projects