Management of Aflatoxins in Peanut Production, Storage, and Utilization


The goal of UGA 02A was on using mycotoxin contamination as a quality indicator of pre-harvest and stored peanuts to develop strategies for aflatoxin management in Malawi and other Southern African countries.


A simplified aflatoxin assay method considered suitable for use in developing countries was available and tested. It does, however, involve sending samples from Southern Africa to Georgia. Field trials have commenced in Malawi and more recently in Botswana. No current impacts are noted, but if the objectives are achieved there should be useful results showing reduction of aflatoxin contamination in the SADC. Development of aflatoxin management practices and selection of germplasm lines/cultivars resistant to fungal invasion of seeds and/or production of aflatoxin could benefit farmers, processors and consumers in all countries where aflatoxin contaminated peanuts are a problem.


Aflatoxin contamination

Lead Scientist

Dr. David Wilson
University of Georgia

Malawi Collaborator

C.T. Kisyombe, Malawi Ministry of Agriculture, Lilongwe

Botswana Collaborator

F.S. Mpuchane, University of Botswana, Zomba