Analysis of Response of Peanut Production in West Africa: Policy Implications of Currency Devaluation (VT 09)


The goal of VT 09 was to study the following areas: 1) Economic and special equilibrium analysis of domestic and international trade policies in Senegal; 2) Economic surplus analysis of peanut research on: new variety Fleur 11, History of the Peanut CRSP 1975-2012 175 aflatoxin research, and new rosette disease resistant varieties; 3) policy index analysis; and 4) Experimental economic analysis of environmental benefits of peanut research.


The economic analysis methodologies tested/used in the project, especially the poverty index analysis and experimental analysis of environmental benefits, were very good products of this project. These could be used in determining economic impact of Peanut CRSP technologies (i.e., resistant varieties, processing technologies, peanut-based food products) in other world regions where Peanut CRSP had worked for a long time. The policy recommendations resulting from analysis of the data sets collected from selected West African countries would be useful for policy-making and decision-making at the top level of governments. The conclusions would have implications for the West African region.



Consumer values

Co-Principal Investigators

Dr. Michael Bertelsen, Virginia Tech University
Dr. George Norton, Virginia Tech, University


Senegal Collaborator

Dr. Matar Gaye (until 2000) ISRA, Dakar

Uganda Collaborator

Dr. Charles Busolo-Bulafu (from 2000), Serere Agricultural and Animal Protection Research Institute (SAARI), National Agricultural Research Organization

Malawi Collaborator

Tobius Kapewa, Chitedze Agricultural Research Station, Lilongwe