Biochemical and Molecular Responses of Peanut to Drought Stress and Their Role in Aflatoxin Contamination (FAM 51P)


The goal of FAM 51P was to investigate differential gene expression, and biochemical responses to drought and to use these indicators to evaluate germplasm for drought resistance.


The project has evaluated a wide range of germplasm and identified a number of genotypes having tolerance to drought. Biochemical responses in these have been characterized. Drought-susceptible genotypes have also been identified, and these include a range of recognized varieties. Both these findings have contributed to the development of improved techniques for selection for drought tolerance. Marker genes will have high potential impact for improvement in drought tolerance both in the U.S. and the host countries. The primary collaboration has been with a university in Bangladesh, but cooperative work has developed with universities in India and with ICRISAT/India.


Producer Values

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mehboob Seikh
Florida A&M University

Bangladesh Collaborator

Dr. Shah Alam, Bangladesh Agricultural University