Development and Transfer of Peanut Technologies in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe (UGA 11)


The goals of UGA 11 were to determine the physical, chemical, nutritional, functional, and microbiological properties of peanuts and peanut-based ingredients; develop appropriate peanut-based products for consumers in Bulgaria and the region; enhance the technological capabilities of ICFT on peanut processing, packaging, quality evaluation; shelf-life prediction; leadership as a Center of Excellence in Bulgaria and the region; and develop business plans to move peanut-based products from the pilot scale to production scale.


The Bulgarian scientists at ICFT (Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology) have developed and tested six peanut-based products acceptable to Bulgarian consumers, based on an earlier Consumers’ survey carried out in the 1996-2001 phase: 1) peanut butter breakfast tart, 2) low-fat peanut-flour based beverage as a substitute for cow’s milk, 3) peanut snacks, 4) sugar and honey-coated peanuts, 5) honey roasted peanuts, and 6) peanut butter formulations with fructose, Sweet n’Low, and chocolate. This work utilizes the pilot/processing plant established in the previous phase with Peanut CRSP support. ICFT researchers have been trained at the University of Georgia to continue product development and testing to better understand the properties of locally developed peanut products, and to better utilize equipment placed in Bulgaria for determining physical, chemical, nutritional, functional, microbiological, and sensory characteristics. This has allowed the further development of peanut products acceptable to Bulgarian consumers.


Processor Values

Principal Investigator

Dr. Manjeet S. Chinnan
University of Georgia



Dr. Larry Beuchat, University of Georgia
Dr. Wojciech Florowski, University of Georgia
Dr. R. Dixon Phillips, University of Georgia
Dr. Anna Resurreccion, University of Georgia

Bulgaria Collaborators

Dr. Tana Sapoundjieva, Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology (ICFT), Plodiv
Dr. Pavlina Paraskova, Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology (ICFT), Plodiv
Dr. Nelly Bencheva, Agricultural University, Plodiv