International Collaboration (UGA 40)


The goal of UGA 40 was to provide funding for 1) preparation and distribution of a Peanut CRSP Newsletter and other technical publications, and 2) the conduct of seminars, workshops, and training programs for developing country scientists and technicians. It also allows collaborations with other CRSPs, International Agricultural Research Centers, and non-governmental assistance organizations on research programs of mutual interest.


The International Arachis Newsletter was published in collaboration with ICRISAT. A Peanut CRSP Newsletter was published on the web site. The web-based data/project reporting site has facilitated communications with the host country scientists. Support of the attendance of host country participants to the Georgia Peanut Tour has been valuable to the attendees. Web based communication has simplified program fiscal and programmatic management, and has enabled the project investigators to devote more time to research and student training.


Training, management

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jonathan H. Williams
University of Georgia