Management of the Peanut CRSP (UGA 41)


The goal of UGA 41M is to provide financial and programmatic support for the Peanut CRSP that coordinates with USAID and the participating U.S. and host country institutions. Provisions are that up to 20% of USAID funds can be directed to management entity activities such as personnel, travel, office operation, and reporting. It must establish and maintain the legal and agreement framework needed for sub-granting to participants of the Peanut CRSP grant; prepare and publish papers, presentations, research results and reports and exploit multiple media for information exchange; conduct board of directors, technical committee meetings and external evaluations; and maintain adequate records on activities and achievements.


The management philosophy consists of several elements: 1) minimize the administrative burden on principal investigators and the management entity; 2) minimize duplication in reporting accomplishments; 3) making reports and transactions transparent to all; and 4) greater devolution of project responsibilities to principal investigators. The Peanut CRSP was governed by a 14 member board of directors and a five member technical committee, with advisory members including the USAID program officer and the BIFAD representative. These groups gave programmatic and fiscal advice. The management entity was dedicated to effective transfer of new discoveries to researchers, producers, processors, and policy makers. There were a number of significant technology transfer activities that resulted in utilization of new peanut varieties, better methods for pest control, better processing methods, and prevention of aflatoxicosis.


Training, management

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jonathan H. Williams
University of Georgia