The World Geography of Peanut: Global Networking Approach to Social Equity, Environmental Protection, and Technology Exchange (UGA 05)


The goal of UGA 05 was to disseminate information concerning peanuts through the Worldwide Web. The database will include information on peanut production systems, peanut utilization, socioeconomics, production constraints, and food safety. Also, reports on peanut production and use in key countries will be included.


The major outputs from the project are development of the web site entitled “World Geography of the Peanut” and the studies of peanut production systems, utilization, and socioeconomics in specific countries. The web site contains a wealth of information that would be useful to any person seeking information about peanut production and utilization throughout the world. This was a unique and very worthwhile contribution of the Peanut CRSP, education and outreach. The country studies provide excellent, in depth information about peanut production systems in specific countries. These studies are a highly useful compilation and synthesis of existing data and information. The information on aflatoxins is particularly important to health workers.


Consumer values

Principal Investigator

Dr. Robert Rhodes
University of Georgia

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Virginia Nazarea, University of Georgia