Haiti Peanut Value Chain Interventions

Production to Consumption - Technologies to Improve Peanut Production, Processing, and Utilization in Haiti

Researching 1,500 peanuts, one variety at a time
UGA innovation lab participates in Clinton Foundation’s launch of Haiti peanut depot
Both student and mentor, Fulmer works with Haitian students while earning his own degree
Visiting scientists tour Florida peanut fields
From Tifton to Haiti, Kemerait helps peanut farmers
Partnership is good for peanut production in Haiti

Peanuts are an important part of Haitian diet and help alleviate malnutrition through peanut-based Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food or RUTF. Farms in Haiti cannot supply enough high-quality, safe peanuts to supply the nonprofits that make RUTF, however.

Researchers are evaluating all aspects of peanut, from production to drying and storage to marketing. The project enhances the availability of genetic resources though a seed-increase program and by curating important peanut germplasm. By exploring labor-saving devices and harvesting equipment, the project works to make production more efficient. Evaluating existing infrastructure, the program looks for ways to improve peanut handling, drying and long-term storage to yield a high-quality, safe crop.  

Best management practices and strategies reach growers in villages throughout northern Haiti, particularly through a depot network partnership with the Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation.

Women are important in the production of peanuts in many parts of the world, and the project measures their impact in Haiti during all phases of production.

Through aflatoxin-testing facilities, re-training Haitians in how to measure and avoid aflatoxin in their diet, finding alternative markets for aflatoxin-contaminated peanuts, scientists are working to improve food safety.

Lead Scientist

Dr. Greg MacDonald, Professor of Agronomy and Weed Science

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Research Collaborators

Cornell University

  • Dr. Dan Brown

Frank's Designs for Peanuts, LLC

  • Mr. Frank Nolin

Meds & Food for Kids

  • Dr. Patricia Wolff

North Carolina State University

University of Florida

University of Georgia

  • Dr. Timothy Brenneman
  • Dr. Robert Kemerait
  • Dr. Genti Kostandini
  • Dr. Rajapopalbabu Srinivasan

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December 11, 2013 - July 31, 2017

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