International visitors touring USDA Peanut germplasm collection

By Christy Fricks
University of Georgia, Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab

July 9-10th, 2015 University of Florida Professor Greg MacDonald is hosting over 40 visitors from different countries including: Ghana, Israel, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Senegal, Mozambique, and Burkina Faso, as well as representatives from the U.S. peanut research and commercial sectors; for a field tour of peanut germplasm. MacDonald has approximately 1500 different cultivars from the USDA peanut germplasm collection planted at the University of Florida’s Plant Science Research and Education Center in Citra, Florida, making it one of the largest and most diverse peanut cultivar plots in the U.S. A large segment of the global peanut breeding community will be represented at the meeting.

The tour is bring organized in conjunction with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Productivity and Mycotoxin Control (PMIL) in order to further the collaboration among peanut growers and scientists internationally. MacDonald, is a Lead Scientist for the Haiti Peanut Value Chain Interventions project funded by PMIL

Published July, 1, 2015