Dave Hoisington in peanut field


In the Field: Preharvest

In the U.S., farmers can grow 6,000 pounds of peanuts on an acre, but in developing countries, farmers get 500 pounds an acre. Disease-resistant varieties and information about where to invest limited resources in the field are closing the gap.



At the Processor: Postharvest

Peanuts are a staple part of the diet in much of the world, but poor storage and processing can lead to spoilage and aflatoxin contamination. Research is helping processors – small and large – learn how to get a safe product to market.

Looking at peanut jars


On the Plate: Nutrition and health

A handful of peanuts has as much protein as two chicken eggs. Understanding how peanuts fit into a healthy diet encourages investment in the commodity and gets healthy snacks into the hands of kids who need them.