The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut works to alleviate hunger by helping farmers in developing countries grow and profit from healthy peanut crops. The new program builds on the many successes of the previous Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab in developing new varieties, pre- and post-harvest management and processing. It also works in the new research areas of peanut-based nutrition, gender and youth.

Areas of Inquiry

Varietal improvement

High throughput phenotyping

New wild alleles to improve peanut

Mapping GRV resistance

Enhancing genetic potential in peanut in Western Africa

Seed coat chemical markers

Genotyping U.S. germplasm in Africa


Value-added gains along the value chain

Production packages for Malawi

GRD alternative host

Optimized shrub system for peanut

Satellite image analysis for peanut


Understanding the role of peanuts in nutrition and health

Peanuts for school feeding

Gut microbiome and peanuts


Understanding the roles of gender and youth along the peanut value chain

Gender in peanut production in Senegal

Time poverty among Ghanaian women

Youth in peanut production in Senegal

Photovoice in Uganda

Cross-cutting areas such as gender equality, impacts of climate change, capacity building, and human nutrition and health featured prominently in all research.