Integrated Practices to Manage Diseases, Nematodes, Weeds and Arthropod Pests of Groundnut in Ghana (English)
By: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Crops Research Institute, Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa and North Carolina State University, USA.
Published: 2007, 2014

Groundnut Production Guide for Uganda: Recommended practices for Farmers
By: National Agricultural Research Organisation in collaboration with Makerere University.
Published: 2013

Groundnut Seed Production Manual (English) or
Manuel sur les techniques de production de semences d'arachide (French)
By: Icrisat, Common Fund for Commodities, and Fiat Panis.
Published: 2003

Groundnut Seed Production Manual for Uganda
By: National Agricultural Research Organisation Entebbe, Uganda.
Published: 2015

Guide to Peanut Production on the Rupununi Savannas (English) or
Gid pou Pwodiksyon Pistach nan Savann Rupununi (Creole)
Peanut Collaborative Research and Support Program, United States Agency for International Development, The Beacon Foundation and Peanut Growers of the Rupununi Savannas Guyana, South America.
Published: 2007, 2014

Sima kobu = Biribu m mali naa ti chehi (Dagbani), Groundnut production from planting to harvest (English), or Ghana Guide (Twi)
By: Dr. David Jordan, North Carolina State University; Allison Floyd, University of Georgia
Published: 2016