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Over the years, the previous Peanut CRSP and Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab have helped more than 150 students in partner countries complete graduate degrees. This scholarship builds capacity by training the student, but also can strengthen the instritutions where they study.

Long Term Training

Our students come from developing countries and pursue a variety of degree programs. They conduct research as part of an Innovation Lab project and receive their degree from one of several well-recognized universities around the world. Here are some alumni from the previous program.

Short Term Training

Training is provided in the country where research is taking place, or in the United States. Workshops, farmer field days, and best practice publications are some of the short term options available. These are some of the students who participated in short-term training in the previous program.

Information on the complete U.S. government-sponsored exchange program is offered through the International Exchange Alumni program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Students by discipline


Area of Expertise

Students who receive financial support and mentorship through the program specialize in disciplines from the farmer's field to the processing factory to the seller's markter.

While many students are seeking master's degrees in Agronomy or Food Science, others are focused on Public Health, Genetics or Economics.

The students all research a topic that impacts PMIL's mission, while the diversity of disciplines builds capacity across the value chain.

Home Country

Students come from countries around the world. Some foreign students come to the U.S. to study, while others stay in their home country or region, depending on the program that best fits with their area of expertise.

Students by country