Peanut gene evaluation

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Principal Investigator
Peggy Ozias-Akins,
University of Georgia  

Daniel Fonceka
CERAAS (Senegalese Institute for Agricultural Research)

Genotypic analysis of peanut germplasm using the Axiom_Arachis2 SNP array

Research/project objective(s)

The main objective is to genotype a wide array of groundnut germplasm using the high-density, 48K Axiom_Arachis2 SNP array. The following breeding programs will contribute ~250 lines and varieties each:

  • CSIR, Ghana: James Asibuo, Richard Frimpong
  • ISRA, Senegal: Issa Faye
  • IIAM, Mozambique: Amade Muitia
  • NARO, Uganda: David Okello
  • DARS, Malawi: Justus Chintu
  • ZARI, Zambia: Lutangu Makweti

The SNP array, recently created by a project led by the PI, contains 30,539 SNPs useful for cultivated peanut and is now available at a reasonable price per line. It already has been used to genotype several recombinant inbred line populations segregating for nematode, TSWV, late leaf spot, white mold resistance and seed traits, as well as a set of genotypes used to screen for aflatoxin contamination. Genotyping diverse germplasm relevant to the Peanut Innovation Lab would allow breeders to take advantage of the latest genetic technologies in groundnut to: catalog genetic diversity among breeding materials, identify genomic regions under positive or negative selection or alleles fixed in a breeding program, enable genome-wide background selection, identify a subset of polymorphisms to be developed for single-marker analysis for specific traits, and construct genetic maps of populations segregating for traits of interest.

Relation to the overall mission of the Peanut Innovation Lab

Groundnut breeding is a foundational component for improving peanut yield and quality, and is a major objective of the Peanut Innvoation Lab. Applying genomic information in groundnut breeding would accelerate the incorporation of alleles for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and seed quality traits resulting in a healthier and higher value crop.

Rationale for including this activity as an initial activity

Using this genotyping platform early in the Peanut Innovation Lab program will generate genome-wide marker characterization of breeding materials, an upstream activity required for effective translation of genomic information to breeding.

How research outputs will enhance the competitively awarded research activities

Competitively awarded breeding research activities will be primed for applying genotypic information to the spectrum of objectives outlined above for enhancement of breeding outcomes and outputs.