UGA-affiliated sites

  • Extension Services Peanuts
    Practical information about peanut production practices, cultivars, variety and performance testing, and pest management including Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.
  • Peanuts
    UGA's peanuts site features news and information about scientists, production, publications, events, weather, and related links.

USAID-affiliated sites

  • Agrilinks
    Achieving agriculture-led food security through knowledge sharing.
  • Feed the Future
    The U.S. Government's Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative.
  • Feed the Future Innovation Labs
    Draws on the expertise of top U.S. universities and developing country research institutions to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges in agriculture and food security.
  • Foreign Assistance Dashboard
    View and understand foreign assistance information by agency or country.
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    Latest news on climate change from the United Nations.
    The U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • USAID Country Strategies
    Five-year, country-based strategies show how USAID Missions agency assistance is synchronized with other agencies' efforts.
  • USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse
    Search, submit and share USAID project record information to help preserve it.
  • USAID Operational Policy on Development Data
    Specific policies and guidance in areas such as Programming Policy as it relates to Planning, Achieving, Assessing and Learning; Microenterprise Development; and International Disaster Assistance.
  • USAID Operational Policy on Programming
    Specific policies and guidance in areas such as Programming Policy as it relates to Planning, Achieving, Assessing and Learning; Microenterprise Development; and International Disaster Assistance.
  • USAID Recent Policies
    USAID has strengthened its policy and strategy capacity by revitalizing several Agency-wide processes for formulating and implementing policies and strategies that are based on evidence.
  • USAID Strategy and Planning
    USAID makes strategic choices that are informed by experience and cutting-edge evidence and analysis.

Fellowship sites

External sites

  • American Peanut Council
    Representative group of all segments of the peanut industry including Growers, Shellers, Manufacturers, Brokers, International companies, and more.
  • American Peanut Research and Education Society
    The purpose of APRES is to instruct and educate the public on the properties, production, and use of the peanut
  • Cornell Mycotoxin Working Group
    The Mycotoxin Working Group members currently conduct research in New York State, Haiti, Kenya and Zimbabwe.
  • Explore it at ICRISAT
    Access to 40 years of agricultural research data and information from the semi-arid tropics.
  • Generation Challenge Programme
    A partnership program in modern crop breeding for food security created by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).
  • Georgia Peanut Commission
    Web site for commission, which conducts programs in the areas of peanut promotion, research and education.
  • International Exchange Alumni
    A resource for United States (U.S.) government-sponsored exchange students through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
  • Managing Peanut Allergies
    A resource for Parents, Educators and Others Who Care for Children.
  • N2Africa
    Research project on nitrogen fixation for smallholder legume farmers in Africa.
  • National Peanut Board
    Site of the NPB, a farmer-funded national program, which includes information about new products, manufacturing, nutrition, as well as recipes, educational resources, and a section dedicated to growers.
  • Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA)
    The partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa aims to provide consistent coordination and coherent leadership to the continental efforts on aflatoxin control.
  • The Peanut Foundation
    A non-profit foundation that directs and supports peanut research on behalf of all segments of the peanut industry.
  • The Peanut Grower
    Providing comprehensive coverage of the United States peanut industry.
  • The Peanut Institute
    Non-profit organization that supports nutrition research and develops educational programs to encourage healthful lifestyles that include peanuts and peanut products.
  • PeanutBase
    A collaborative community resource to help improve peanut varieties by integrating genetic, genomic, and trait information.
  • Peanut Bioscience and Genomics
    A international forum for enhancing peanut productivity, crop protection and product quality through genetics and molecular biology.
  • Peanut Science
    A publication of the American Peanut Research and Eductation Society (APRES).
  • Southeastern Peanut Farmers
    A bi-monthly collection of peanut information from the heart of the United States peanut belt covering Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.