Yao, Haibo

Haibo Yao, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Phone: +1 (228) 688-3742
Fax: +1 (228) 688-7100
Mississippi State University
Geosystems Research Institute
1021 Balch Boulevard
Stennis Space Center, MS USA 39529


Haibo Yao is the lead scientist for the AflaGoggles for Aflatoxin Detection project, researching ways to create a rapid, low-cost detection method that may be used in developing countries as a means for aflatoxin detection.

At first, Yao envisioned goggles that would allow a tester to see the fluorescence emitted by the toxin. That concept has evolved into a handheld device, currently a small box, that uses UV LEDs to cause the contaminated kernels to fluoresce and the camera in a tablet to detect and display the image.

Current Project Project

AflaGoggles for Aflatoxin Detection

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